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Full text of "Minutes of the North Carolina and Virginia Christian Conference … 1849-1855"

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MINUTES of the N. C. and Va. Christian Conference 
Hanks Chapel, Chatham County, N. C. 

October 19, 1849 F riday Afternoon 

"A letter from the Union Church was read, bringing before Conference 
the propriety of establishing a Seminary of learning at the town of Graham. 
Referred to a select committee: Holt, Hazel, Fowler, Cole, Iseley, Kerr, 
forming said committee. 11 (Page 28) 

Night Session 

"The subject of education was next presented from the committee to whom 
its consideration had been assigned. A standing executive committee of ten 
were appointed to mature some plan by which may be erected within our limits 
an institution for the promotion of general education; and also to afford 
facilities to young men who expect to engage in the gospel ministry to prepare for 
that important work. 11 (Page 30) 


MINUTES of the N. C. and Va. Conference 
Held at Union Chapel, Alamance County, N. C. 
Sept. 30, 1850 

"The committee on Education appointed by our last Conference reported 
through J. R. Holt on the progress of the Graham Institute. Report read and 
adopted. On motion, that the committee on Education are authorized to employ 
a traveling agent to solicit donations, contributions, etc. , for the completion 
of the Graham Institute and the promotion of Education generally amongst the 
Christian Church south. On motion that a committee be appointed to prepare 
an address upon the subject of Education in behalf of the Graham Institute to be 
published in the columns of the Christian Sun. In pursuance of which, Elders 
Hayes, W. B. Wellons, I. N, Walter, and E. F. Watson were appointed to 
prepare said address at as early a day as practicable. On motion, the following 
persons were appointed in behalf of the Conference Trustees of the Graham 
Institute: E. F. Watson, John Trollinger, Chealey F. Faucette, Pleasant A. 
Holt, and Alfred Apple. With a request that our sister Conferences belonging 
to the Southern Christia n Association at their next annual meeting appoint the 
number to which their representation in the Association entitles them. On 
motion, A. Iseley, J. A. Turner and J. K. Cole be appointed to the N. C. and 
E. Va. Conferences. " (Page 32) 


MINUTES of the N. C. and Va. Christian Conference 
Union Chapel, Alamance County, N. C. , Thursday Eve. 
Sept. 23, 1852 

^ Friday Night 

"Resolved, that the delegates to the next Association bring before that body, 
the present prosperous condition of the Graham Institute, and its cheering 
prospects for the future; and recommend to that body, the propriety of appointing 
an active agent in the bounds of each Conference for the purpose of soliciting from 
our friends generally a small amount further, to pay for the building and furnishing 
said Institute. " (Page 38) * , 


MINUTES of the N. C. and Va. Christian Conference 

Held at Mount Pleasant, Randolph County, N. C. , Thursday 

Oct. 5, 1853 

"On motion, a committee consisting of J. A. Turner, A. Moring, A. Apple, 
T. J. Fowler and A. Iseley, were appointed to devise some plan to raise funds 
for the relief of the Graham Institute. " (Page 40) 

"The Ccmmittee on the Graham Institute made their report, which was 
accepted and upwards of $500 having been subscribed. " (Page 41) 


MINUTES of the N. C. and Va. Christian Conference 
Held at O'Kelly's Chapel, October 12th s 1854. 

"Resolved, that this Conference highly appreciate the untiring exertions of the 
teachers in the Graham Institute, and that the members of Conference, 
individually, and generally, will lend a fostering hand to the same in future. " (P. 


MINUTES of the N. C. and Va. Conference 
Held at New Providence, Alamance County, N. C. 
October 25, 1855 

"The Committee to whom was referred the subject of education, beg leave 
respectfully to report, that they consider a thorough system of discipleship, 
such as Christ and his apostles so imperatively enjoined, as indispensable to 
the success of the Christian cause. They believe that it is the truth alone which 
will make us free from bigotry, sectarianism and other evils, of which we 
complain: that the verification of the promise, 'Lo, I am with you' can never be 
fully realized without a rigid adherence to the terms of the commission to which 
it is annexed; that the observance of all things whatsoever Christ has commanded, 
is the result of the teaching and discipleship it requires. 

"Without high moral and religious culture, and an enlarged acquaintance with 
the Scriptures, the profession we make to the inviting world to judge us by the 
law of liberty, only to find us wanting, and our pretentions and claims altogether 

Compelled as we are by our position to be the most enlightened church in 
Christendom or the most despised, it becomes necessary to consider well the 
whole process of coming to that stature of a perfect man in Christ Jesus, to 
which our commission, if obeyed and executed, will enable us to arrive. 

In the judgment of your Committee, the first thing requisite is, fully to 
prepare ministers for performing the work enjoined in that commission; and 
prepared, it is evident that they cannot be, until they have first learned themselve 
what they are required to teach others. As the disciples of Christ were first 
taught by him, before he commissioned them, so must it be now. It is 
recommended, therefore, that suitable provision should be made for enabling 
such as desire it, to study the Scriptures, in the languages in which they were 
originally written; and also, to make such other acquisitions as are necessary 
to make them preachers for the learned as well as illiterate, and workmen that 
need not be ashamed, either in city or country. 

(Minutes - October 25, 1855, Continued) 

As a means of obtaining an object so desirable, it is suggested that such as 
can teach should receive their tuition at the Institute, without any other charge 
than such assistance as they can render, without consuming more than an hour 
of their time each day. And it is considered but reasonable that all who received 
their tuition, gratuitously, should be liable thus to be called on. 

2nd. That churches and individuals should be encouraged to assist pious young 
men, by the endowment of scholarships or otherwise. 

3rd. That a standing committee or Board of Education be appointed, that 
shall be authorized and empowered to devise and execute any practicable plan 
for raising funds, to endow a Preacher's Home, Biblical School or make any other 
suitable provision for the wants of the church, in this respect. 

4th. Said committee shall have power to appoint a secretary, treasurer and 
other officers and agents. 

5th. They shall be required not only to make annual reports to Conference, 
through their Secretary and Treasurer, but also to keep a faithful record of 
their proceedings for the inspection of the Conference. 

As to their powers that may be granted to said committee, or withheld, it is 
deemed unnecessary to make any suggestions that would seem to anticipate the 
instructions of Conference to said committee. 

All of which is respectfully submitted by the Committee." 

J. S. Swift, etc. 

"Resolved, that a committee of three be appointed to confer with the Building 
Committee of the Graham Institute and investigate the financial condition of the 

Whereupon, the Moderator appointed as said committee: Elders A. Iseley, 
B. N. Hopkins, S. G. Evans and Boykin. " (Pages 48 and 49) 

"Resolved, that Bro. G. G. Walker be appointed agent for the Graham 
Institute, and that he be allowed as a compensation for the same $25 per month. " 

(Page 51) 

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